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11. června 2007 v 18:46 | Elka-Nicole |  PCD - texty + překlady


Fliirt, fliirt
You wanna chill in my Lamborghini,
You wanna look but you don't wanna see
So what you think of that look in my eyes?
You think it's for you?
You think you read minds?
You better watch where you're putting those hands,
You better stop if you're making more plans
'Coz everything you do makes you look like a fool
You're looking for some dirt,
I'm lifting up my skirt
I'm searching for a light under me in my purse
You always think the worst,
I just wanna flirt
You found me on my knees,
Next thing you're saying "tease"
I'm trying to find my phone and my keys, not your sleaze
My spell is like a curse,
I just wanna flirt
I gotta know, don't you really understand
One syllable words old man?
You got a problem with my space?
Get your look out of my face
'Coz I've had it with your lies
You're pretty damn close to being unfine
'Cuz everything you do makes you look like a fool
I'm just so lucky to be walking on a wire,
I'm up so high that I can barely feel your fire
You can't touch me, no,
That's just a dream
Flirt [4x]

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Don't cha 17.2% (49)
Beep 4.9% (14)
Wait a minute 8.8% (25)
Stickwitu 7.4% (21)
Buttons 19.3% (55)
I don't need a man 8.1% (23)
Hot Stuff 3.5% (10)
How many times, how many lies 14.4% (41)
Bite the dust 2.8% (8)
Right now 1.4% (4)
Tained love 3.2% (9)
Feelin' good 1.4% (4)
Sway 4.6% (13)
Flirt 3.2% (9)


1 sisinka...melody sisinka...melody | E-mail | Web | 12. června 2007 v 17:02 | Reagovat

ahojík nejlepší je Melody!!!

2 Nicole Nicole | E-mail | Web | 15. června 2007 v 16:33 | Reagovat

ahojík. . . .. . já mám nejradši Nicole.....ale Melody je taky gooooood !!!

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